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Success fee, no upfront
You pay for what you get. No hidden or upfront fees.

Six pillars of Wiraki

Wiraki scouting & ranking system allows you to allocate your resources exclusively on hiring top talents,
significantly increasing the efficiency of your headhunting process.


The voting system allows to pre-qualify candidates.


Votes are collected ahead, speeding up subsequent headhunting operations.

Costs (fees + operations)

Our product and technology significantly decrease operational costs.


Our viral consumer product brings all the information needed for complex hiring operations.


The candidate's rank is shared with both the candidate and the company.


W-Rank is consistent among candidates, making us the WYSIWYG of the headhunting industry

Why us

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What companies say about us

Marco Trombetti - CEO Translated

No other headhunting service that I have used has matched the quality and talent of the candidate for the Machine Learning Engineer Jr. position found by Wiraki.

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